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Exactly WHAT are The Gumshoe Society's "A Murder in Old San Antonio" and "MIOSA:1905"?

The Gumshoe Society presents "A Murder in Old San Antonio" and "MIOSA: 1905" are historical, interactive performances unlike any San Antonio has ever experienced! An investigator provides guests with the details of a real, unsolved crime from San Antonio history, gives them pictures of suspects and maps, and sets them out onto the streets to find and question the suspects in the crime. After the task at hand is completed, guest "investigators" return to the bar to find out if they can correctly accuse the murderer, based on their collective assessments. "A Murder in Old San Antonio"  and "MIOSA: 1905" are the perfect activities for family, friends, and/or coworkers, allowing them to get to know beautiful San Antonio on foot, and through the lens of history.

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