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Elvia Martinez Montez - the matriarch

       Elvia Martinez Montez began to show her love for preforming in elementary school, when she landed the role of lead narrator in a Texas Heritage performance, which was such a success her school took the show on a tour of several other schools in San Antonio. Elvia continued her path of stardom in high school (Fox Technical and Vocational High School), as the starring roll of Billie in Born Yesterday, under the tutelage of respected San Antonio Theatre producer and Director Elaine Curran. 

       Partnering with her son Rocky in 1998, Elvia opened The Little Theatre Off Broadway in San Antonio, Texas. From that point forward, Elvia and Rocky became a business team, directing, writing, and performing in numerous theatrical events across the city. Elvia has also produced events for the Ghost Seekers of Texas, creating and managing fundraising events for historical locations, such as the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum, Pensacola, Florida, The Alameda Theatre and the Nat M. Washer Masonic Lodge, San Antonio, Texas. With her contribution of decades of experience in entertainment and production, Elvia is an integral part of the Gumshoe Society team. 

Rockcliffe M. Montez - the baby boy

       Rockcliffe Montez (AKA “Rocky”), a San Antonio, Texas native, started performing in local community theatre at the young age of 16. By the time he was 19, he was stage-managing full productions, acting as properties master, and in the dance troupe. Rocky wrote and directed his first musical in 1998, which opened on The Little Theatre Off Broadway, a local theatre he opened that year with his mother, Elvia Martinez-Montez.

       The theatre was only the beginning of the evolution of Rocky’s passion for theatre and performance, which have culminated in his current involvement with both the theatre and film communities, producing commercials, travel shows, and online content for local, statewide, national, and global television, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Rocky is also cofounder of The Ghost Seekers of Texas, a paranormal investigation team that inspects houses and places of business for paranormal activity and manages fundraisers for locations that require assistance due to paranormal activity. Rocky and his wife, Emily, have recently started RockEm Productions, which also produces film content for commercials, music videos, weddings, and corporate videos, and are currently working on a WWII documentary they filmed in Europe based on the fascinating story of Rocky's grandfather and Elvia's father, a Texas native.

       Rocky, Bridget, Elvia, and Emily felt inspired by their mutual love for history to create something entertaining that would also immerse their audience into different time periods of this beloved city.  

       Rocky is proud to be one of the founders of The Gumshoe Society, and to offer his over 23 years of experience in writing, directing, performing, and event management to the team. Through his involvement, he hopes to continue to bring joy and excitement to entertainment consumers.

Emily Underwood Montez - the one that squeezed in

       Emily Underwood (Montez) moved to San Antonio in the fall of 2015 from Austin, TX, bringing with her a new layer of experience and qualifications to the Montez family circus. Growing up in Tyler, Texas, Emily spent her high school days in theatre. After lead roles in performances at her school and church theatres, she found her passion stage managing for the school one-act play, which took her 5A school to state-level competition for the first time in over 20 years. After spending a year as an exchange student in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Emily lived in Los Angeles, California, where she produced radio and television commercials for 5 years, working with celebrities like Jack Lemmon, Tom Bosley, & Michael Caine.

       Returning to Texas to be with her family in 2003, Emily worked as a retail manager while finishing her education. She began by finishing an undergraduate degree in Sociology, and directly after, achieved a Masters in Science in Social Work, both from the University of Texas at Austin. During her Masters program, she interned with The Phoenix Center in Marble Falls, Texas, fundraising, event planning, and working with abused and neglected children through yoga, art, music, and equine therapies, and the Communities in Schools program in Austin, Texas, where she provided group and individual therapy to teens.

       After finishing her education, she moved to San Antonio to be with her fiancé, Rocky, so that they could plan their wedding. There, at the film studio where their wedding was held, Emily quickly rediscovered her passion for theatrical and film production, and was offered a job there as a freelance line producer and production manager for commercials, including AT&T, Kia, Moto GP, Spotify, Pizza Hut, General Mills, HEB, and Planet Fitness, just to name a few.

       After the creation of Rocky’s and her unique, vintage circus-themed wedding for close to 300 guests, Emily decided to join Rocky in creating RockEm Productions, so that her visually creative side and her altruistic side could combine to provide the public with positive, interactive experiences in the spirit of human connection. 

Lieutenant-Commander Bridget Montez Ruiz - the one that got away

       The Gumshoe Society simply would not exist without the gentle coaxing of first-born Bridget, who so lovingly convinced her brother, mother, and sister-in-law that this production was not only worthwhile, but would be sure to satisfy even the most non-participatory audience member. Her support, from the beginning, as a cast member and creative presence, has been infinitely appreciated. She even supplied the ever-revolving cast of suspects with not one, but three previously inexperienced Naval corpsmen, who proceeded to wow audiences with their hidden acting abilities. 

       At this time, our dear Bridget has been stationed, serving our country, in Rota, Spain, and all three of her "recruits" have also moved on to their Navy duties and various assignments, worldwide. They are all dearly missed, and we look forward to the day when Bridget returns, or other branches of our military find themselves up for the challenge of becoming murder suspects!

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