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Because of history. Because of you.

      The founders of The Gumshoe Society believe, wholeheartedly, that historical knowledge not only...wait for it...can be FUN, and approached in a fun way, but also provides an endless source of wisdom, witty banter, and really just up the "coolness" factor of a person. True historical curiosity reaches far beyond the handlebar-mustache, bar-trivia winning, blind-date impressing, and all-around amazing-for-appreciating-it generations of today. It connects all generations through an understanding of where we all came from and where we all are going, symbiotically, in a unifying sense. Knowledge is power. Always have something intriguing, like an historical murder story to share, in your back pocket. 


       OH! And also... we do it to make you happy. At this point we will let the reviews testify to this:

"The performers were engaging.  The format was effective.  We had a great time.  I would recommend this to

anyone looking for a change of pace, especially one with a historic slant." - Clark K., Yelp

"It was fun, adventurous, mind boggling, entertaining and an amazing unforgettable night. I can't remember the

last time I laughed so much and just throughly enjoyed the cast. The acting was on point and they NEVER broke character." - Samantha A., Yelp

"Would definitely recommend everybody try it. The murderer in each game is changed around so you never know

who it is. Amazingly well thought out by everybody." - Caleb B., Yelp

*NOTE: We are honest people. We take pride in honesty. We would never fake a review.

We fake better things, like historical characters. Read more by clicking the logo, here:

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